Week 2: The coast


Day 10 (left): Going to Ålesund with the "Hurtigruten". We passed a sinister fjord landscape in the region of Sunnmøre.
Day 11 (middle and right): Despite rain and cold temperatures in Ålesund we were still able to smile!


Day 12: Runde, the "bird island". There's really a great diversity of birds - and the island's similarity with Ireland is amazing...




We spent day 13 travelling almost endlessly from Runde to Kristiansund (left). There was perfect weather waiting for us.
On Day 14 we visited the island of Grip, 14 kilometers from Kristiansund's coast. Obviously there's some hostility against the European Union...


We actually didn't expect to be sunburnt sometime during our trip in Norway - shortly before, in Ålesund and on Runde, we had to wear our winter sweaters. Yes, the trip to Grip was hip. :)


Day 15: The northernmost destination travelled by us: Trondheim. At 11 pm the sky was still so bright (picture in the middle). Then, on day 16, we flew back to Oslo with a lot of luggage, and on day 17 back to Zurich.

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