16 July - 1 August 2004

Week 1: Fjords and National Parks



Day 1: Oslo and its port.


Days 2-4: Bergen, Norway's second biggest city (after Oslo).

Fish market in Bergen. Don't miss it!
(By the way: Salmon is here cheaper than chicken!)

  Day 4: Traffic-Jam of express boats in the huge Sognefjord


Day 5: Fjaerland close to the Sognefjord. A hike that was quite exhausting - which we didn't know in the beginning (see my innocent smile).


However, it was still worth going up there regarding the beautiful view and the impressing glacier.
Back down in the valley there's a stone avalance left from May 2004.


Fjaerland, the "Norwegian book town". There was a book self service besides the road. What a pity that we don't understand the Norwegian language! :)


Left and middle: Day 6: Recovering our exhausted muscles in Flåm at the end of Aurlandsfjord (an arm of the Sognefjord).
Right: Day 7: Stavechurch in Lom
(Jostedalsbreen National Park)


Day 8: Hellesylt, the "Model railway town" (Quote by Rafael). The seagulls were always with us. I could even make them stop screaming... ;)

Day 9: Excursion to Geiranger. Its fjord and lookout points are among the Top Ten of Norway's sightseeing attractions. In the middle the waterfall "The seven sisters".

Breathtaking view on the Geirangerfjord through which huge ocean ships make their way. On the right the typical Norwegian grass roofs. I wonder if the Norwegians use their lawnmowers on them...

Pictures of the second week in Norway