About me

My past
To keep it short, I begin with July 2nd 1979. On this summer day I was born in Wetzikon ZH (Switzerland). Facts & Figures: 48cm long (short?), weight of 3580 g (really normal weight of a newborn :-)). And Olibaby looked like this. -->

I grew up in Wetzikon ZH in the beautiful region "Zuercher Oberland" (30 km from Zurich), where I still live. I also visited Kindergarten, primary school and high school here. So I was quite a country girl! :-)

But then, freshly from high school, young Oli went to see the big world: Three months America! First of all, I lived two months with some relatives in Pennsylvania. There was even a bear in the living room. In the picture on the right, you can see how he kindly keeps me company at the computer. After the family visit I travelled down the US East coast during five weeks.

Back to Switzerland, I began to work. Until today, I did some internships and temporary jobs, e.g. at Kuoni Travel, Coca-Cola, Migros and Sulzer. Since 2003, I'm a freelancer for the "Zuercher Oberlaender", our regional newspaper. Please find below a link to some of my newspaper articles (only available in German).

Between my jobs I studied. After two terms of media science at Zurich University, I preferred a practical education. So I studied journalism and corporate communications at the Zürcher Hochschule Winterthur (ZHW) during three years. Since October 2005 I am a "Certificated Communicator FH". Of course that was celebrated accordingly, as you can see in the picture on the right (uh, well, actually I don't have a doctor's degree, but "only" a bachelor's degree). :-)

Well, there isn't much to tell about, as present quickly turns into the past. So I better tell something about my future, that also becomes present after a while, and later the past...


First of all, I will travel (see chapter "Traveling"). After my return on May 31st, 2006 I have the great opportunity to do an internship at Swiss Television in the communications department. Besides, I gain some time to search for a steady job (so if you know of something: Please let me know - thanks a lot!).


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