The Pfaeffikersee

Impressions from my "home lake"

Since I can think, I've visited the Pfaeffikersee every year. Mostly in summer to go swimming in the swimming area of Auslikon. I love this small lake, whose circumference is 9 kilometres. But also in Winter the lake can be wonderful. In 2006, we could witness a rare opportunity: Our lake was so deeply frozen that people were allowed to step on it. Before, this was possible in 2002 and 1991.

Frozen lake 2006
The Pfaeffikersee in Auslikon Icebound: Raft in the swimming area Auslikon My Silhouette
View in the direction of Pfäffikon
A snowflake on the ice Odd air bubbles in the ice View in direction of Seegraeben Ice hockey field
View in direction of
"house mountain" Bachtel
Non-frozen place in the middle of the lake Where does this reed
come from? :-)
Lot of people on the way! They even played "Alphorn"

But even before people could officially walk on the lake, there were some beautiful things to see...

Group of seagulls Ducks enjoying the winter sun So do two "Taucherli" What's going on here?
This leaf could persist
despite winter
Here it was still warmer:
Evening atmosphere in October 2005
...and last but not least:
The lake can sound like this with ice (Video!)