Santorini (Greece)

26 June - 3 July 2004

For orientation:
Map of Santorini



(Almost) ready for takeoff...

First gorgeous view of Santorini...

Wild horses :)

A small step for a man... ...but a big step for mankind :) "Black Beach" Rafi  

  Evening at Black Beach No words... Hellas! Elegant, isn't it? Typically Greek... "Red Beach"  

  Lying vineyards near Akrotiri Santorini's
West side
Schiff ahoi! On the volcanic island "Nea Kameni" Aaaahhh! The hot springs on "Palea Kameni"  

  Here lives Palea Kameni's
only resident
Siesta on the island of Thirassia Thirassia's bay Our favourite boat! What's this
face doing here?!
View on Oia in the Northwest Just enjoy!  

  Oia towards
the South
Here must
be living a Swede...
Oia towards
the West
Oia towards
the East
It's teeming with little
chapels here...
Flower Power  

  Atlantis bookshop with book boat THE sunset
of Oia!
Rafi in white (in Santorini's capital Thira) Sicht von Thira auf Vulkaninseln Der Leuchtturm im Südwesten Guck mal, wer da kuckt! Vom Winde verweht...  

  Hung octopus. Appetizing, huh? :) Water melon, rental car and sunset -
What do you want more?
Sunset Cruise Birthday child No words... *enjoooy*