Robin, son of my brother Adrian and his girlfriend Jenny, was born on January 19, 2006.
Meanwhile he's more than two years old and discovers the world more and more.

Pictures of Robin's first year
Pictures of Robin's second year
March 2008: Robin obviously loves cars -
where does that come from? Hmm...



November 2007: Haha, surprise!
December 2007: Robin likes being
on daddy's shoulders
May 2007: Robin can walk -
but not completely free-handed yet
October 2007: Hellohello?
(With grandma Chihiro's mobile phone)
January 2007: Wearing the frog dress
from Oli after his 1st birthday
February 2007: And the hair's growing
and growing...
End of 2006: Robin's fascinated by airplanes -
where does that come from? :-)
End of 2006: He also likes the baby seal...
November 2006: Robin shows his first teeth End of 2006: "What Einstein can do, I can do, too!"
November 2006: What you can't see in this static picture
is that Robin "rocked"
December 2006: "Best Pilot" Robin
with Mum Jenny at the children's zoo in Rapperswil

July 2006: Mum Jenny in "partner look"
with Robin
Robin on October 1st, 2006 before his christening
At the photographer's
in June 2006
July 2006: Daddy Adrian walking
with Robin in the garden
May 2006: Robin grinning... ... and glaring!
20.01.2006: Aunt Priska ist also
Robin's godmother
24.01.2006: First time in his bed at home
19.01.2006: Robin, four hours young,
with aunt Oli
19.01.2006: What might he say with this gesture?
Maybe: "Away with the camera"? :-)

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