Traveling is my passion. Whenever I have time and some money, I travel to some place. Find some impressions of my journeys in the picture gallery.

I often have one week time to travel, sometimes two. There are also rare opportunities to travel for several months. From March to May 2006 there was such an opportunity:
Via Japan (visiting relatives of my mother) my boyfriend Rafael and I flew to New Zealand for almost one month. Then, we spent two months in Australia. We visited Tasmania, the Red Centre with the famous rock "Uluru" (Ayers Rock) and the tropical north-east in Queensland, just to mention a few.

As I already did during my last stay in Australia in spring 2002, I sent travel newsletters all over the world. If you would like to read what I did in "Down Under", you are welcome to see them on the travel sites about New Zealand and Australia. I hope they entertain you! :-)

(Please note that they are only available in German)


Travel site Japan


Travel site New Zealand


Travel site Australia